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Safer By the Dozen

12 Steps to a Safer Home Environment

  1. Use caution in the kitchen to avoid cuts and burns.
  2. Clear clutter from traffic areas and stairs.
  3. Secure loose rugs to the floor with carpet tape or nonskid padding.
  4. Use no-slip mats and grab bars in tubs and showers.
  5. Keep a phone and operable flashlight close to your bed for emergencies.
  6. Mount fire extinguishers (BC of ABC type) in your kitchen or other key areas.
  7. Maintain smoke alarms in key areas on every floor.
  8. Maintain adequate lighting, especially in staircases.
  9. Mount sensor lights outdoors to discourage intruders and light your way at night.
  10. Apply exterior house numbers easily visible to emergency vehicles.
  11. Maintain a self-care kit with water, flashlight, blankets, non-perishable food, and other items for emergency situations.
  12. Keep a first-air kit handy for initial care wen injuries occur.

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