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We designed this page as a customer service. Here are some of the common problems that you may incur and can easily solve on your own. Hope it helps! We update this page regularly, so please feel free to check here often.

REMEMBER: When in doubt, give us, the professional, a call! This website is provided as a convenience to the customers and potential customers of Vetter's Electric and is not intended, and does not constitute, professional electrical advice from Vetter's Electric. The advice and suggestions contained on this website are general in nature and may not apply to your particular problem or circumstance. Due to the extremely volatile nature of electricity, you should contact Vetter's Electric directly if the suggestions contained in this website do not address your particular problem. Vetter's Electric disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of the website to address any and all electrical problems experienced by viewers of this website.

If outlets aren't working:
Check all GFCI's* in the house or area where your outlets are not working. Press the test and then the reset button. (Areas to look for GFCI's would be in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, garage, exterior outlets, next to any sink and in your basement).
*(the outlet with the test/reset button on them)

If a light fixture isn't working:

Replace the lamp in the fixture that is not working, make sure it is screwed in all the way and not screwed in awkwardly.

If your light bulbs frequently burn out they may not be the right wattage for the fixture. Check the fixture or the socket for the correct wattage. Do not exceed this.

Sometimes the tab on the inside of the socket will get pushed in and will not make contact with the lightbulb (this works for table lamps too). CAUTION: THIS ONE IS A LITTLE MORE RISKY! Turn off the breaker to the fixture CAUTION: SOME LIGHTS HAVE SWITCH NEUTRALS (or if it is a lamp make sure it's unplugged) then grab a small screwdriver and bend the center tab inside the socket out. This should allow the tab to make contact with the lightbulb.

On a 3-way switched location (meaning you can turn one light on in two different locations, ex. at the top of the stairs or bottom of the stairs for the stair light)
make sure both switches are all the way up or all the way down, not in the center location. There have been times where a switch will get stuck in the center position; this will not allow any of the lights to work.

Fluorescent bulbs always replace first. A bad ballast will deteriorate the lamps at a faster rate then a good ballast.

If both lights and outlets aren't working:
Check the electrical panel to make sure breakers are in the on position. Your electrical panel should be labled for the area that is not working, verify that this breaker is on, if not, flip the switch to the on position.

If thermostat is not working:
Newer model thermostats have batteries in them, try replacing the batteries.

There is an on/off switch on your furnace; make sure this is On.

NOTE: Electricity is not something to play around with -- it can be deadly! Use the above advice with extreme caution and remember to give us a call immediately if you see Sparks or Fire or if you hear Crackling or Buzzing. Do not attempt to take anything apart.