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Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

Electric Car Charger Installation & EV Charging Stations

Do you own an electric vehicle or are you considering it? Vetter Electric’s experts are specialists in Electric Vehicle Charging Installs and Solutions. With an Electric Vehicle Charger, you don’t have to worry about battery loss or finding charging stations.

It is recommended that you have a qualified electrician install your EV charger because there are certain electrical requirements for the product itself, wiring size requirements, and local electrical codes that an electrician will have knowledge of, which ensures that the charging station will be installed properly and safely.

A qualified electrician can also assess the current electrical infrastructure of the home or business and advise you if there’s any additional work necessary (for example, an electrical panel upgrade in an older home).

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

Commercial Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

Municipal Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

Multi-Family Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solutions

What Is EV Charging & How Does it Work?

Types of EV Chargers

The ability of an electric vehicle to recharge quickly depends on two factors: the electrical supply at home and the EV charger used. The EV chargers can be divided into three different levels. The level one chargers charge at the slowest speed, while the level three chargers charge the fastest.

Electric vehicles come with a level 1 charger as standard. These chargers work best for overnight charging because they plug into a standard home outlet.

The level two chargers are faster, but they require an electrician to install them. These chargers require a dedicated 240 volt circuit in order to provide a strong enough current to charge an electric car at a quicker rate. The Level 2 chargers add about 70 miles to the range per hour! These are the most common options for charging at home.

These chargers are extremely fast, but they require a large amount of power. This makes them difficult to install for homeowners. These chargers can charge an electric vehicle battery up to 80% within 30 minutes. Typically, Level 3 chargers cannot be installed at home.

Choosing the Right EV Charger

The most important step to charging your electric vehicle at home is identifying your needs. Many people charge their cars overnight using a standard charger. However, others prefer the flexibility of a level two charger. We can help you find the best charger for your vehicle and location. Fill out our questionnaire. After completing our questionnaire, we will schedule a meeting with you to discuss all your options.

We have included some helpful information below in regards to Xcel Energy’s Off-Peak Metering program. We hope you find this helpful!

Excel Energy Off-Peak Metering

Click here for the website for Xcel Energy’s Off-Peak Metering Program.

Xcel Energy offers two programs:

  • Rent a charge from Xcel Energy. (More affordable, less control over what charger you can use)
  • Buy the charger from Xcel Energy. (Costly, control over what charger you use)

You can charge your vehicle at a fraction of the cost by using off-peak meters.

Off-peak meters could save you up to $1000.00 per year, depending on how often you drive.

Electrical Vehicle Charger Inquiry Form

Thank you for your interest in installing an electric vehicle charger with Vetter’s Electric.

We here at Vetter’s Electric value your time and would love to help you find a solution to get your vehicles energized. To help get us started, we’ll need some information from you.  There is also information below on Xcel Energy’s off-peak metering program. Thank you.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
How big is the existing electrical service? It will say on the breaker at the top of your panel.(Required)

Is there a sub-panel in the garage?(Required)
If there IS a sub-panel in the garage, how big is it?(Required)

Is the garage attached or detached?(Required)
Is there a way to get a wire from your main panel to your garage?(Required)

Next, we need you to email us some photos.

Please provide any pictures to give us perspective of the property. Specifically, the route from the electrical service to the desired location of a charger.

Please email the following list of photos to

Some examples are included here, however we would like even clearer pictures of the numbers on the breakers and words on the schedule.

Photos needed are:

  • Close up, so we can read the numbers on the breakers.
  • Close up, so we can read the schedule.
  • Further back, so we can see perspective of the mechanical area.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.