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Call Today For A Site Survey! 651-982-2918

Call Today For A Site Survey! 651-982-2918

Residential Electrical Services to Enhance Any Home

At Vetter’s Electric, our years of experience in home remodeling, home design, and new home builds has given us a unique skillset: we understand houses.

We know what your space will need in the future. We’ve learned which methods and products work (and which don’t), and we can help you get what you want today while also helping to prevent mistakes that might turn out to be costly down the road.

When you buy a car, you talk to a mechanic first. We offer that same expertise and understanding – but for your home and the electrical challenges you might face when upgrading or changing it.

Your home is your castle, and a good castle is never done. Whether you’re simply changing a light fixture or remodeling your whole house, Vetter’s can help you get the house of your dreams – down to the smallest detail.

We wire with the future in mind!

Customized Electrical Services for Your Home

Vetter’s Electric offers comprehensive electrical service for your home. Here are just a few things that we can help with:

Electrical Design for New Builds and Remodels

Comprehensive electrical design is an integral part of getting the results you want when you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing space. We partner with you from the high-level electrical design decisions to the smallest details, including:

  • Lighting layout
  • Landscape lighting
  • Service design
  • Motor system design
  • Power quality correction design
  • And more!

Home Theatres and Sound Systems

With the right equipment you can watch a movie in your theatre room and still have general music throughout the house! At Vetter’s Electric, we install top quality products like JVC, Panasonic and Denon. We can wire your home for 5:1, 7:1, and whole-house systems!

Phone, Internet and Communications

At Vetter’s Electric, we can furnish and install telephone, internet, intercom systems, and networks. We can also run lines for broadband and DSL and complete them in a way that works best for your home.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design

Choosing and installing the right lighting goes a long way in getting the right look and feel in your space. Jenny, our lighting specialist, will work with you to choose lights and create lighting layouts that compliment your home and decor.

In-Floor Heating

In Minnesota, in-floor heat in tiled or basements isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. We can help you plan and install in-floor heating to make your winter a little cozier.

Underground Electrical Installations

When we take on an underground installation project, we take care of the permits and underground digging calls for you. The only call you need to make is to us!
Our multi-track trencher/auger is a multi-use tool that will not tear up your finished yard when working on underground cabling for electrical wires. We also have high-tech locating equipment for finding underground and concealed wires. When the job is complete we use our specialized trench compactor to restore the area where trenching took place with no impact to the ground around the trench.

Power Quality Correction and Enhancement

When it comes to electricity, one size does not fit all. At Vetter’s Electric, we help you address your power quality by analyzing both your electric view and your home power quality to determine what you really need and find ways to save you money!

Do I Really Need an Electrician? Troubleshooting Tips for Common Electrical Issues

At Vetter’s Electric, we want to empower our customers. Here are some of the common problems that you may incur and can easily solve on your own. Hope it helps! We update this page regularly, so please feel free to check here often! NOTE: When in doubt, give us, the professional, a call! This information is purely for your convenience and does not constitute professional electrical advice from Vetter’s Electric. The advice and suggestions contained on this website are general in nature and may not apply to your particular problem or circumstance. Due to the extremely volatile nature of electricity, you should contact Vetter’s Electric directly if the suggestions contained in this website do not address your issue. Vetter’s Electric disclaims any and all liability arising out of the use of the website to address any and all electrical problems experienced by viewers of this website.

My outlets aren’t working.

My outlets aren’t working.

Check all GFCI’s in the house or area where your outlets are not working. (These are the outlets with the Test/Reset buttons on them.) Press the test and then the reset button.

(Areas to look for GFCI’s would be in the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, garage, exterior outlets, next to any sink, and in your basement).

One of my light fixtures isn’t working.

One of my light fixtures isn’t working.

Replace the lamp in the fixture that is not working, make sure it is screwed in all the way and that it is not screwed in awkwardly.
If your light bulbs frequently burn out, they may not be the right wattage for the fixture. Check the fixture or the socket for the correct wattage. Do not exceed this wattage recommendation.

CAUTION: THIS ONE IS A LITTLE MORE RISKY! Sometimes the tab on the inside of the socket will get pushed in so that it cannot make contact with the lightbulb (this happens for table lamps too). Turn off the breaker to the fixture (or if it is a lamp make sure it’s unplugged), then grab a small screwdriver and bend the center tab inside the socket out. This should allow the tab to make contact with the lightbulb.

On a 3-way switched location (meaning you can turn one light on in two different locations, like at the top of the stairs or bottom of the stairs for the stair light), make sure both switches are all the way up or all the way down, not in the center location. If one of these switches gets stuck in the center position, the lights will not work.
Always replace fluorescent bulbs first. A bad ballast will deteriorate the lamps at a faster rate than a good ballast!

Still having trouble? Give us a call!

Neither my lights nor my outlets are working.

Neither my lights nor my outlets are working.

Check the electrical panel to make sure breakers are in the “ON” position. Your electrical panel should be labeled for the area that is not working. Verify that this breaker is on. If it’s not, flip the switch to the “ON” position.

My thermostat isn’t working.

My thermostat isn’t working.

Some newer model thermostats have batteries in them. Try replacing the batteries.
There is an ON/OFF switch on your furnace itself; make sure this is turned to ON.

Remember – electricity can be deadly! Use the above advice with extreme caution and remember to give us a call immediately  if you see sparks or fire or if you hear crackling or buzzing. Do not attempt to take anything apart!

Call today for help with all of your home electric needs or to schedule your site survey! We look forward to working with you! 651-982-2918


Joel, Thank you again for getting heat and light to my chickens.

Pam A.


"Tyler exceeded our expectations with the stress free initial consultation and great advice for the multiple upgrades for new and existing electrical services. The after job clean up was exceptional! We highly recommend the team at Vetter’s Electric for their honesty, professional guidance and excellent workmanship."

Nancy S.


"Thank you very much! We are very happy with how this project turned out."

Brad and Jessica


"Tyler and Lloyd just finished our house in Forest Lake and they did an excellent job."

Greg S.


"Travis did a great job for us to get our screened porch and the shed overhang to be a better place! Thanks!"



"Joel, Jenny & the Entire Vetter’s Crew – We love all of our new updates. Especially our can lighting and strips in the kitchen. Thank you so much!"

Alicia & Matt


Thank you for “Brightening” so many of my days, “literally” – So happy with our new lights and their placement. We appreciate you!

Chelsea & Leif


Tyler and Joel were efficient but it was big job.  I was very impressed with how little damage they had to make to our walls in order to fish new wires to every light switch, lightbox, and outlet throughout the approximately 3000 square feet we had to do.  They rewired 14 rooms in total over those 3 levels. I would highly recommend Vetter's for any work in old houses."

Mary A.


"Very Nice people to work with"

Dawud W.


"Tyler and Joel rewired 2/3 of our old Minneapolis house and did a great job considering the challenge our house presented!"

Daniel R


"Great company! I use them for both personal and Business. Service is great and they are very knowledgeable and reliable! Highly recommend!"

Jake G.


"From the time I called until the service was completed everyone at Vetters was wonderful. Jenny was so nice on the phone trying to work my little job in. Jason my electrician was so nice and efficient. I would highly recommend Vetters to anyone needing electrical service no matter how small. Thank you."

Chris S.


"We aren't sure of the cost because we paid through a contractor. They did electrical work and in-floor heating for a bathroom remodel in our 1911 home. We were very impressed with the work and the professionalism of the workers we met, including the owner, who did some of the work himself. Passed inspection with flying colors and will use this firm again."

John R.


"They installed fluorescent lights in the basement, added fluorescent lights and plug ins in the pantry area and rewired the kitchen ad basement. Great husband and wife team. Obviously they enjoy their work. We would hire again in a flash."

Sam G.


"Vetter's Electric installed a ceiling fan for us where there was not electrical outlet. They had to run wire across the ceiling and down to the wall outlet.  They also made a second trip at no charge to re-adjust the remote control which was not working properly."

Mark S.


"They installed underground electrical to the garage and installed 100 amp panel in garage. They have their own trencher which is one of the reasons I chose them. They are very courteous."

Phil B.


"Joel repaired several outlets that were either not working or were ungrounded. He also installed several GFCI outlets, fixed a few light fixtures, and replaced a few circuits in the main panel. I also had him replace my neighbors ceiling fan. Joel was very pleasant to work with and was extremely flexible with both my schedule and with the work I needed him to perform. His rates were also very reasonable."

Terry D.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” -Benjamin Franklin