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Every household has electrical problems. We all have experienced flickering lights, tripped circuit breaker, burned out bulbs, dead outlets and light switches, as well as power outages. An electrician can handle any type of electrical problem. However, there are some situations that require immediate attention in order to protect your family and property from dangerous safety hazards. In such situations, an emergency electrician is available to help.

An emergency electrician is an electrician that provides 24/7 residential and commercial electric services without the need to make an appointment. They are available to help with any unexpected electrical problem.

First, it is important to recognize the emergency situations that require professional intervention. We have listed a few reasons why homeowners should not hesitate to call an emergency electrician.

Electrical damage caused by a storm

To deal with any electrical hazards caused by a thunderstorm, turn off the main power supply to your house and call an emergency electrician. The electrical system can be damaged by severe weather conditions. A home inspection is necessary to make sure everything is in order.

Sparkling outlets

Older wiring and overloaded circuits can cause outlets to spark, smoke, or burn. To fix the problem, it is best to contact an emergency electrician.

Exposed wires

Exposed wires can cause fire, shock, or electrocution. Call an emergency electrician if there is any exposed wiring in your house.

Strange noises from the electrical system

The hum or buzzing sound coming from switches, lights, or outlets can be dangerous and need immediate attention. These annoying sounds can be caused by faulty or incorrectly grounded wires, loose connections or overloaded outlets. They can also cause damage to the electrical system and appliances, as well as electrical fires.

Sudden loss in power

If there is an unexpected power outage in a part or whole of your home and neighbors are connected, you should call the utility company immediately to report any problems. Call an emergency electrician to quickly diagnose the problem if there is not a problem on their part. They’ll quickly diagnose the problem and have it fixed in no time.

Home water damage

If your home is experiencing flooding, water damage from a leak or bursting pipe, or if you are concerned about electrical damage, call an emergency electrician. It is dangerous to combine electricity and water. To assess the damage to your home and make the necessary repairs, the electrician will turn off the power supply.

Other reasons to call an electrician in an emergency are:

  • Circuit breaker that trips frequently
  • Appliances or lights flickering
  • Replace obsolete or damaged electrical components
  • Emergency re-wiring needs
  • The fuses emit a burning smell

Emergency electricians offer reliable, fast and safe services for homeowners, regardless of what time it is. Don’t take an electrical problem lightly. Call an emergency electrician immediately if you have concerns about the safety of your home’s electrical system.

Call Vetter’s Electric if you require a licensed electrician to handle your residential or commercial electrical needs.