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If you want to avoid power lines blocking your view of the stars, consider installing them underground. You can install your power lines underground if you’re tired of having your view of the stars blocked by powerlines. This will also increase electrical safety, and provide you with more reliable electrical service throughout the year.

Vetter’s Electric is proud to offer underground installation in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. We recommend calling us to speak to a residential electrician expert if you would like to know more about this service.

Underground Electrical Services

If you’re building a home or renovating an old one, it can be a good idea to put your electrical feed underground. It is important to find a residential electrical contractor who will do the job right on the first try. This is particularly true when it comes to underground wiring. Our years of experience, combined with our commitment to continuous training, make Vetter’s Electric the ideal choice for underground wiring projects.

What are the benefits of underground electrical feed?

Burying power lines has many benefits, including:
• Overhead lines are more dangerous. By reducing the fire hazards, burying your electrical feed will increase electrical safety. This also eliminates the risk of lines falling.
• You’ll experience fewer power interruptions when your electrical feed is buried. This is because the lines won’t get damaged by falling branches or strong winds.
• It’s more attractive: Having a lot of power lines in your yard doesn’t look good. Burying all wires and poles is the best option if you want to see your landscaping and trees without them.

Additional services to consider

You may also want to look at other electrical services if you plan to invest in underground services. You may want to upgrade your electrical panel if you bury power lines. Residential electricians can help you determine if you require a service upgrade from 100 amps to 150 or 200 amps. Electrical panel upgrades are needed if you experience flickering or tripping of breakers.

Whole House Surge Protection

It is important to have a surge protector for the entire house, regardless of whether your power lines are underground. You can still protect your home from surges of power, even if the lines are buried. Lightning strikes are one obvious source of power surges, but others include air conditioners that turn on and off or faulty wiring.The whole-house surge protection is hardwired in your home to protect against power surges. We are constantly looking for new ways to protect you and your home.

Our Electrical Services

Vetter’s Electric specializes in underground electrical service. We know that more homeowners are moving away from overhead power lines, so we train all of our electricians in underground electrical installations and repairs.

We understand how crucial it is to avoid other utilities such as water, gas and sewer lines when installing your power lines. In order to complete the work, we are sensitive to the fact that a trench is necessary. When we do the work, we will try to cause as little harm as possible to your landscaping.

You become part of our family when you contact us for electrical service. We will always provide you with the best quality installations, paired up with friendly and compassionate service.

Contact Vetter’s Electric when you’re ready to install your underground power lines. We look forward to working with you to make the home of your dreams safer and more beautiful.