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electrical wiringPeople often attempt to do their own electrical work for a variety of reasons. You can find DIY videos on YouTube or Google your project these days. For nearly any electrical repair or installation project, step-by-step instructions can be found online. Video tutorials can be found for everything from installing an electrical outlet and installing a ceiling fan to installing an electrical panel for a backyard shed. Saving time and money by doing your own electrical work may seem appealing.

However, how do you know when to hire a professional? It’s not always easy! If you have any electrical projects around your home, call a certified electrician! You might get injured, damage your home, and have many other expensive problems if you don’t. No matter where you are located in Forest Lake, Minneapolis or St. Paul, our licensed electricians at Vetter’s are ready to assist you.

Below are a few examples of electrical repairs and installations that always require a professional.

  1. Electrical Outlet Installation & Replacement

Many blog posts, articles, and videos on the internet claim you can install or replace electrical outlets yourself. The rest is as simple as turning off the circuit breaker in the room. Nope! Electrical outlets and light switches require a trained, licensed electrician to install or replace. Wiring mistakes are quite common.

Poorly wired outlets will simply not work. It can cause a short that could damage your hardware or even result in a fire. It’s not worth the risk!

  1. Light Fixture Repair & Replacement

Lighting fixtures can dramatically change a room’s appearance. Your home’s interior can be brightened and created with this inexpensive upgrade, giving it a more premium appearance that buyers will appreciate. Is it as simple as removing the old fixture, twisting a few wires together, and installing the new fixture? No, it’s not. A new light fixture can go awry if you wire and install it yourself.

DIY light fixture replacement can cause everything from a non-functioning fixture to serious damage to your wiring to electrical fires and shorts. Be cautious when choosing your new lights! You can rely on Vetter’s Electric for a fast, affordable installation.

  1. Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

If it is hot outside, a ceiling fan can make a room more comfortable, allowing you to keep the AC off for longer or run it less often. Despite the obvious fact that ceiling fan installation isn’t a DIY job, a surprising number of homeowners attempt these projects themselves. In addition to being potentially dangerous, it is illegal to run new wires yourself without a license!

Any time there’s the need to install new wiring in your home’s walls or ceiling, you need a trained professional.

4. Electrical Panel Work

Electric panels split the electricity from the grid and distribute it throughout your home’s circuits. Additionally, they route the power through circuit breakers, which cut the power when a short or surge is detected. They are extremely important systems as well as highly technical pieces of equipment that can be very easily installed incorrectly. A faulty electrical panel wiring can cause poor power quality, unreliability, or even dangerous faults that could lead to expensive damage or even a fire.

Don’t take any chances with your wiring if you have recently installed an addition to your home or intend to run power to your backyard shed. If you have a detached garage or shed, you’ll be tempted to run an extension cord there, but it’s actually against the law! You’ll be violating your area’s building codes if you use an extension cord. Instead, you require professionally installed wiring in an approved conduit, along with a certified electrical panel.

Why Use a Licensed Electrician?

You shouldn’t risk doing electrical work yourself for a few reasons. Take a look at the following reasons why working with a licensed electrician from Vetter’s Electric is the best way to handle any electrical project.

Risking Shorts & Fires

Electricity can jump between wires if your home’s wiring is improperly installed or if wires are too close together. The short circuit is also known as a “short”. It is possible for shorts to cause lots of heat to build up, which can melt your wiring, damage the surrounding areas, or even cause an electrical fire that could destroy your home. Doing your own electrical work is not just dangerous, but it could lead to major tragedy as well.

Complying with Building Codes

Building codes require all major towns and cities to require licensed electricians to handle any wiring work due to the dangers of faulty wiring. Noncompliance with these codes is dangerous and can make your house hard to sell or impossible to buy. Electrical contractors study building codes in-depth, so we know how to handle your project safely, legally, and reliably. Do not risk costly fines or problems selling your home in the future!

Risking Greater Costs in the Future

It is possible to end up paying more in the long run if you do DIY electrical work than you would hiring a professional electrician. First of all, you could damage your wiring, electric panel, or fixtures. A fire could also destroy your home if you start one. In addition, noncompliance with building codes can result in expensive fines, lowered home values, and difficulty selling. All of these issues will be much more expensive than calling Vetter’s in the first place and having the work done properly!