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Many people are tempted to try their hand at electrical work. You can easily find DIY videos on YouTube or Google by searching for your project. It is easy to find step-bystep guides for any electrical repair or installation project. You can find hundreds of tutorials and videos for anything from ceiling fan and electrical outlet installation to more major projects such as wiring a new panel for your backyard storage shed. It may seem that doing your own electrical work is a good way to save money and time. How do you know when to call an electrician? The answer can be difficult to determine! You could cause injury to yourself or others, as well as damage to your house. Our team of licensed and experienced electricians at Vetter’s Electric is ready to help you with all your electrical needs. These are some examples of electrical installation and repair projects that require the expertise of a professional.

1. Installing and replacing electrical outlets

Many blog posts, articles and videos on the internet claim that replacing or installing electrical outlets yourself is easy and safe. You only need to turn off the circuit breaker in the room, and then the rest should be easy, right? Wrong! A licensed, trained electrician is required to install or replace an electrical outlet or a light switch. Wiring mistakes are surprisingly common.

A poorly wired outlet will simply not work. In the worst case scenario, it can cause a short which could damage your hardware and even start a fire. You can’t risk it!

2. Light Fixture Repair & Replacement

A new light fixture can completely transform the appearance of a space. This is a cost-effective way to brighten up your home and give it a more premium appearance that buyers will appreciate. Is it as simple as taking out the old fixture and twisting some wires to install the new one? It’s not. If you try to wire and install your own light fixture, a lot can go wrong.

A DIY replacement of a light fixture can lead to a number of problems, including a non-functioning fixture or serious damage to your fixture and wiring. It could also result in electrical fires and shorts. Do not cut corners when purchasing new light fixtures. Call Vetter’s Electric and we’ll do a professional, fast installation at a reasonable price.

3. Ceiling Fan Installation & Repair

Ceiling fans can help make your room more comfortable during hot days, and they may even save you money if you use the air conditioner less or for longer. Although it may seem obvious, ceiling fan installation is not a project that homeowners should attempt themselves. It’s not only dangerous but it is also against the law for you to install new wires without a permit!

Vetter’s Electric is the best choice for any new wiring that needs to be installed in your walls or ceiling. Our electricians are familiar with Minnesota and Wisconsin’s building codes, making us the best choice for ceiling fan installation.

4. Electrical Panel Work

Electrical panels split the electricity coming from the grid to run the circuits in your home. Circuit breakers are also used to route electricity. They cut off the flow of electricity when a surge or short is detected. They are extremely important, but also very technical equipment that is easy to install wrongly. Faulty electrical panels can cause poor power quality or unreliability. They can also lead to dangerous faults, which can cause costly damage or even fire.

Don’t risk your wiring if you have recently added an addition to your home, or if you are thinking about running power to a backyard shed. Although it may be tempting to extend an extension cord into your detached garage or shed, this is against the law. You’ll be breaking the building codes in your area if you use extension cords. They are only designed to be used temporarily. You need to have the wiring professionally installed in an approved conduit and a certified electrical box.

Why Hire a Licensed Electrician

Here are some of the reasons you shouldn’t attempt to do electrical work on your own. You’ll soon see that calling Vetter’s Electric to hire a licensed electrical contractor is the best option for any electrical project.

Fires and Shorts at Risk

Electricity can jump from one wire to another if the wiring is not installed properly or if the wires are too near each other. A short-circuit or “short” is what this is. A short can cause a lot of heat, which could melt your wiring or damage the surrounding area. It may even start an electrical fire, which could destroy your house. Doing your own electrical work is not only dangerous but could lead to a major tragedy.

Building Codes

All major cities and towns have adopted building codes that require a licensed electrician for any wiring work. The codes are complex and detailed, and if they’re not followed it can lead to serious dangers and even make your house difficult or impossible for you to sell. Electrical contractors are well-versed in building codes, and we can handle your project legally, safely, and efficiently. Avoid costly fines and future problems selling your house!

Increasing the cost of future investments

You can save money by doing your own electrical work. You could damage your wiring, electrical panels, or fixtures. You may also start a fire, which could destroy your entire home. Noncompliance to building codes can lead to costly fines, a lower value of your home, and future difficulties selling. These issues are more costly than calling Vetter’s Electric to have the work done correctly in the first instance!