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Nearly 35% of the energy consumed in the United States is from commercial buildings. There are many electrical upgrades you can make to improve the energy efficiency of your large industrial or commercial facility. These changes will reduce your organization’s environmental impact and lower your monthly electricity costs. Vetter’s Electrical can help you. Upgrade your electrical system to save money.

Get a Commercial Energy Audit

Our commercial electricians will come to your home to conduct an energy audit. We’ll then provide you with a list that includes upgrades for your property. Let the electrician know if you have any specific questions regarding the capabilities of your electrical system so that they can tailor their findings to your needs.

An energy audit for your commercial building will identify the areas in which you are wasting energy, and help you correct these issues. You can use the information we collect when we audit your energy usage to determine which upgrades you should make first.

Upgrade Your Electrical Subpanels – The electrical subpanels of your commercial building distribute electricity throughout the building. You may experience a variety of issues if your electrical subpanels are outdated or do not function properly.

  • Unable to operate equipment at full capacity
  • Electrical fires are at increased risk
  • Short-cycle appliances and equipment waste energy
  • Commercial tenants are not able to rent out modern electrical equipment

Upgrades or replacement of subpanels will increase energy efficiency and lower bills.  They also reduce the risk of electrical fire.

Wiring upgrade Over time your commercial building’s wiring will degrade. Upgrade your wiring to increase performance and efficiency. You should also call us every few years to inspect your wiring and before you make any major renovations or upgrades.

You may have older industrial or commercial buildings that still use knob and tube wiring or cloth wiring. Your local master electricians are able to upgrade outdated wiring.

Upgrade to LED Lighting– Upgrade to energy-efficient bulbs for your industrial lighting. Our lighting installers installed thousands of LED light bulbs for commercial clients in search of cost-effective, long-lasting illumination.

We also recommend using smart lightbulbs that you can program so they turn on and off at certain times.  Light-sensing or motion-sensing lightbulbs provide the perfect lighting for your customers, employees, and visitors without causing your energy bills to soar.

Upgrades to your building’s electrical systems can save you money and increase the safety of your company. These upgrades will also make your building more attractive to tenants, whether they are residential or commercial.

Commercial Electricians with Experience in Forest Lake

Vetter’s Electric. We have licensed electricians who provide commercial electrical services in Forest Lake and surrounding communities. We can assist you if you are interested in enhancing the electrical system of your commercial building.

Electrical upgrades can improve the safety and efficiency of your commercial building.  Call us or contact us online to set up a consultation.