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Lighting has a direct impact on employees’ mental and physical health. A good lighting system reduces warehouse accidents by improving safety conditions. However, it is crucial to combine both natural lighting and correct electrical lighting to improve work conditions and employee health. Find out why warehouse lighting is so important below.

Understand Warehouse Space

It is crucial to understand your warehouse landscape. It will save you time and money if you figure out what lighting solutions are needed. Natural light may be more abundant in some areas than others, which means artificial lighting is not as necessary. A window, a door, and a loading dock usually don’t require extra lighting. No matter what, it is important to understand how to correctly fill in the shadows. A good example is lighting the ceiling. High rack warehouses require more illumination since the material is closer to the ceiling.

Electrical Lighting: Three Light Sources

Warehouses generally feature three types of lights:

  • Metal halide: A quality white lighting solution that has been utilized since the 1990s and is typically found in stadiums and parking lots
  • Fluorescent lighting: Less expensive, but not as efficient as LEDs
  • LED lighting: The most energy and cost efficient lighting solution in warehouses and industrial settings

Out of all lighting types, LED lighting is the most efficient. LED lighting may be cheaper, but it consumes less energy and lasts longer, which will reduce energy costs in the future. Another reason LEDs are becoming more popular is their ability to be dimmed easily and can be adjusted when necessary.

Color Matters

Especially in warehouses, lighting color is important. Depending on where a warehouse is located, different seasons and weather conditions will apply. When necessary, change the lighting to prevent employees from feeling uncomfortable. An employee must be able to see clearly while reading labels and recognizing materials. The best way to achieve this is by using natural light.

Invite Natural Lighting

We highly recommend taking advantage of natural lighting. Make sure to clean and maintain your window coverings and blinds. Adjust natural lighting in the warehouse by using blinds and shades to control how much light comes in and out.

According to studies, daylight increases productivity and employee happiness. A calming atmosphere is created by natural lighting, which reduces stress. A study also found that natural lighting improved employee attendance and reduced the risk of illness.  By using less energy for lighting solutions, natural light can not only reduce mental pressures and tensions, but also reduce energy bills.

What is the Right Warehouse Lighting for Your Business?

The importance of selecting proper warehouse lighting cannot be overemphasized, regardless of whether natural light is used or not. Neglecting the workplace and employee needs for proper lighting has repercussions as it negatively impacts employee productivity and satisfaction. Additionally, light is essential to vision. It is estimated that vision accounts for up to 85% of one’s perception of the world. As the eyes strain in order to see, dim or harsh lighting can affect employee moods and perceptions of work, in addition to causing headaches and eye strains. Ensure that the warehouse lighting meets your employee needs.

Vetter’s Electric is a Warehouse Lighting Expert

Vetter’s Electric specializes in lighting for commercial and industrial applications. Providers of high-quality electrical services and energy management solutions for your building. These services are cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We have our own overhead lift equipment to accommodate flexibility with owners scheduling.

We can also help facilitate rebates through the different agencies. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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